Breast lift, Thigh and Buttock Lift Procedure In Lahore

Lahore, PAK Breast lift and Buttock Lift Procedure


When it comes to skincare, often we just think about firming and make our for face, Hands, Arms, Feet and legs but it’s so important to take care of your body too. Lots of time women often neglect the areas about bust or breast firming and breast sagging position and which is very important.

The skin around the bust area is very sensitive and needs to be protected and nourished just as much as the skin on our faces and neck does. The delicate bust area is disposed to sagging and dropping, especially as we age or after sun exposure, so it’s super important to look after it properly.

Breast Firming & Tightening

Sagging breasts is a very common problem of every women lifetime, and there would be many reasons for sagging breasts. The most common factors which are responsible for this problem is pregnancy, excessive weight loss, aging or ill-health. Whatever the reason behind this issue, it may be dealt with extensive treatment, remedies, exercises, and guidance of a therapist.

We offer you the best suggestions and treatments for your whole body, especially for your breast firming because our breast lift procedure in Lahore is the best and reliable. Our consultants will provide you non-invasive treatment to reshape your bust, tighten and tone your body for an attractive overall appearance. This technique removes the extra hump and sagging skin, thereby improving the shape to its best position.

Non-Surgical Breast lift procedure in Lahore 

Surgical treatment for any part of the body can be terrifying, but thanks to the latest researches and technologies that make breast firming easy and non-surgical. The use of the non-surgical term means there are no anesthesia, incisions, and scalpels required. Also, there is no scar and no implants involved. Now we have plenty of options out there that don't require any surgical treatment and also deliver more natural-looking results. We have a very qualified and certified cosmetic dermatologist who has worked with several patients and cases to unlock all of the details on non-surgical breast augmentation and non-surgical breast lifts in Lahore.

It’s a natural reaction of the body as you get older, your bust drops. Youthful breast muscles point upwards and are firm. Women who have big rounds of breasts really need to take care of the bust area, it’s just gravity and sadly over time, they will start to drop.  

During a non-surgical breast augmentation, our dermatologist with the help of Breast lift procedure in Lahore, essentially take the client's own liposuctioned fat from other body parts and inject it into their breasts. Next, we inject stem cells collected from their own blood. This non-surgical augmentation treatment results can last many years.

Brest Firming with Exercise

There are a range of bust and breast firming exercises you can do to strengthen your muscles which definitely helps

Push Ups

To make your breast muscles strong and tighten up pushups is one of the best exercises for men and women. It is very easy to practice, one should lay on the floor in the plank position with your face pointing towards the ground. Place your hands on the floor in line with your shoulders and lower your body, keeping your back flat and your head in line looking just ahead. Push up slowly engaging your chest muscles and do that 12 times and repeat the set 3 times a day.

Chin Ups

Hang off a bar so that your whole body weight drops down with your hands just wider apart than your shoulders. Try to pull your body upwards so that your chin comes up above near the top of the bar, equal to your shoulders. It’s quite hard, so if you can’t do it, then just practice hanging and engaging your muscles until you build up enough strength.

Home Remedies for Sagging Breasts

Women are very concerned with their look & feel, breasts have an important value in their body. It reduces their appearance and self-confidence when it begins to sag. Many women neglect this change and a few who opt for surgery have to be careful about its side effects. Natural home remedies are obviously the safest to try. Here we have listed a few home remedies that would help you in maintaining your breast firmness.

Cucumber & Egg Yolk Paste

Cucumber and Egg Yolk mixture is an effective remedy for lifting your breasts. This should be used as a mask, prepared from cucumber and egg yolk. Cucumber has natural skin-toning properties and egg yolk has high levels of protein and vitamins that make a perfect combination to tighten sagging breasts. Usage of this mask once a week will strengthen your breast tissues.

Egg White, Honey and Yoghurt Paste

The mixture of egg white, honey and yogurt made a breast mask which also helps breast to be firm. Apply it onto your breasts in an upward direction and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water.

Olive oil

Another way to firm your breasts is by applying olive oil every week. Massaging your breasts with olive oil prevents breasts sagging. Olive oil is enriched with antioxidants and fatty acids that help in fighting against free radicals. This also helps in improving skin tone and texture around the breast area.